Despite already bringing in Sergio Oliveira from FC Porto, AS Roma, or more precisely José Mourinho, still want a new midfielder in January if they can.

The idea was to bring in Boubacar Kamara from Marseille, but that hasn’t progressed the way they wanted, which is why the idea of returning for Granit Xhaka, currently at Arsenal, has re-emerged.

Roma went after the Switzerland international over the summer, but found themselves faced with stubborn Gunners, who didn’t want to budge from their asking price.

An agreement was never reached, and the player subsequently renewed his contract at the Emirates, with the hope that would deter the Italians for good.

While he has mostly played regularly when fit, there still appears to be some kind of friction between Xhaka and the Arsenal fanbase, meaning he might not be all that happy where he is.

Calciomercato on Friday, in fact, says he was ‘proposed in recent days’, as he is currently ‘at odds with the Arsenal environment’, and it’s claimed ‘it is possible to work for a loan with a redemption obligation of €22m’.

First, however, the Gunners need to find a replacement, which is where the idea of Arthur might be coming into play, but that isn’t exactly going well for them at this moment in time.