Gabriel Paulista was obviously unhappy after Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat at White Hart Lane this at the weekend.

The loss made it even harder for Arsenal to get a Champions League spot, and the defender ended up taking some blame after a challenge on Tottenham striker Harry Kane saw him give a penalty away.

Gabriel spoke to ESPN Brasil right after the game, and shared some of his disappointment, which was even worse because the loss to Tottenham: “We were in a good sequence with this new formation. We had been adapting to a new style of play. And today, in the first half, I think we managed to defend ourselves well. We had some chances on the counterattack. But in the second half, I think we’ve come back a bit off.

“We could not play, and ended up conceding the goals in a silly mistake in the defensive part. When I say the defensive, it’s not just the centre-backs. I think it’s the whole team, right? Coming from the attack. And the penalty happened.”

On the rest of the season, the player didn’t seem much motivated for the final games: “I think now we have to forget this game and think about the next. It was a very difficult season for us, we could not have a good sequence of victories.

“We had a lot of trouble. Now we try to win the games that are left to try to achieve the qualification, which is complicated. We seek to win every game now.”

Currently in sixth place, Arsenal have played a game less, but are still five points from Manchester United and six from Manchester City, who are in fifth and fourth places respectively.

The Gunners now face Manchester United, Southampton, Stoke City, Sunderland and Everton. There’s also the FA Cup final against Chelsea on May 27th, which is Arsene Wenger’s only hope of getting a trophy this season.