Mason Mount’s father has revealed Tottenham’s recent defeat to Vitesse in the Europa Conference League was celebrated in a WhatsApp group of Chelsea’s players.

Tottenham were beaten 1-0 by the Dutch side back in October in a surprise result on matchday three of the group stages.

It was a defeat that paved the way for manager Nuno Espirito Santo to be sacked, with a lacklustre and all-round poor performance setting the alarm bells ringing at Tottenham.

The Dutch side put up another good display in the return leg at the beginning of the month, with Tottenham eventually running out 3-2 winners in Antonio Conte’s first game in charge.

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While they were unable to get the win, it was a good night for them, and the memory of their famous victory is one they’ll hold on to for a while.

And while it was celebrated in the Netherlands, it seems there were fans back in England also celebrating an unlikely result.

Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount spent a season on loan with Vitesse earlier in his career, and, according to his father, it seems a love for the club has not died, particularly when they beat one of Chelsea’s fierce rivals.

“The fact that Vitesse beat Spurs (1-0, LL) just like that was great for us,” Mount Senior told De Gelderlander.

At Chelsea, they are not fans of Spurs. So in the group app of the team, that victory over Vitesse was already being celebrated.

“But we are also fans of Vitesse. We hope for a win against Rennes now. No, we believe in a win over Rennes. That would be so nice.”