Earlier today, Aftenbladet reported that Red Bull Salzburg star Erling Braut Haaland is ‘on his way to Manchester’ and it was claimed the player and his father, Alf-Inge Håland took a place from Solo to northwest of England.

The Norway international has been a target for Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirmed the Red Devils’ interest in the 19-year-old.

After the report broke, the former Cardiff City manager was asked about the striker in his pre-match press conference.

Responding to that, Solskjaer said: “I don’t think he’s en route here, to be fair, not through me anyway. I can’t comment on other teams’ players, I’ve said that many times.”

In an interesting turn of events, Aftenbladet have updated their earlier report and they now claims the Salzburg star and his father didn’t travel to Manchester.

They state, “After Aftenbladet reported Friday morning, Erling Braut Haaland and his father Alf-Inge Håland were on their way to Manchester. It now turns out that the two are in Copenhagen – and that they are going on Christmas holidays.”

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Solskjaer’s managed by Jim Solbakken and Aftenbladet claims he’s involved with Haaland. They did try to get in touch with the agent, but he refused to comment.

Norway’s TV2 also approached Håland Sr for a comment, but he neither confirmed nor denied his son travelling to Manchester.

Hanball club Sola HK’s former coach Scott Harrington made a trip from Sola to Manchester and he couldn’t spot Haaland or his father on the plane.

“I first saw the news when I sat down on the plane. Then I tried to look around, but I didn’t see him. I know what he looks like and would recognize him, unless he’s covered up very well or they’ve hidden him on the plane,” Harrington told TV2.