When Fabio Paratici arrived at Tottenham Hotspur it was clear his experience at Spurs would be covered heavily in the media, in both England and Italy.

His past at Juventus made him one of the best known directors in world football, and his next step was always going to be followed closely.

Over the past week there’s been claims in England that some Tottenham players have become annoyed with Paratici sitting with the substitutes and coaches during matches, and at how he shouts at officials from the bench.

Those claims were picked up in Italy, with it stated similar happened when he was at the Turin club.

Luciano Moggi, formerly a Juventus director himself, has been asked about the reports, and about Spurs players potentially not liking what they’ve seen from Paratici.

Quoted by TuttoJuve, he said: “I think Paratici has little life there. I believe he has no possibility of being fully integrated into the club. However, Tottenham are first in the standings… obviously the work has a value.”

Fans of the Premier League club won’t care much what some players think if Paratici can bring success to the club in the short and medium term. If he’s ruffled a few feathers then perhaps that needed to happen, and there’s no big signs of the fanbase wanting him out.

Moggi, however, clearly believes Paratici is facing an uphill battle.