For the past couple of weeks, reports from the Italian media had been claiming that Watford were serious in the pursuit for Sampdoria midfielder Morten Thorsby.

On Wednesday, it was even claimed that the Hornets had submitted a bid for the player, and even though that wasn’t initially accepted, the clubs would soon talk again to find a deal.

However, we get a big turnaround in this saga now, with Watford director Cristiano Giaretta denying all the claims that the Vicarage Road side are going after the 25-year-old.

The official was interviewed by outlet SampNews, and despite confirming that the Hornets are active in the transfer market prior to their return to the Premier League, he says Thorsby isn’t one of the targets.

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“We have almost completed the team, we are thinking of adding another player. We do not have Thorsby in our sights,” Giaretta told SampNews.

“There are no negotiations standing, we are looking for an element with different characteristics”.

Now of course Giaretta could be bluffing, or maybe they couldn’t get to a deal for Thorsby.

That’s something the Italian media should bring more details about pretty soon.