Earlier today, you may have seen we covered a report from Libero in Italy that Newcastle United’s new owners could also be set to buy Inter Milan.

The report from the newspaper explained that the Magpies new ownership were looking to expand themselves as much as they can in football, and Inter were now in their sights.

The whole idea was to follow the path laid out by those at Manchester City and the City Group, wherein they buy clubs all over the world, spread their wealth and create a network to do with as they please.

The idea would certainly be one with merit, but it seems they are not entirely convinced about the news in Italy.

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Corriere Della Sera have now covered the report from Libero, and they dispute what their counterparts are saying.

They say that any ‘immediate’ attempt for Inter is not on the cards and has been dropped as far as the Italian side are concerned.

While there was a meeting between the representatives of the Zhang family, who own Inter, and the Saudi owners during Inter’s clash with Real Madrid on September 15th, nothing came of it.

That’s because the Zhang family valued their club at €1bn, a price that PIF considered high given the debt at Inter and the fact they don’t own their stadium.

Now the ‘Inter option’ is not on the table for the Saudi group, who have since paid £350m for Newcastle and are seemingly putting all their eggs in that basket for the time being.

While there is going to be an issue around Inter and their ownership in the coming months, given Suning simply can’t cover the debts, Newcastle’s new owners aren’t in the mix at this moment in time.

Of course, that could always change in future, but as far as Corriere Della Sera are concerned, there won’t be any direct link between Milan and the North East in the near future.