The Portuguese media seemingly wants to know everyone’s opinion on Ruben Amorim’s potential move from Sporting to Liverpool, and it’s now a Manchester United old boy who talks about this subject.

Nemanja Matic was today interviewed by newspaper O Jogo, and among the many topics in the conversation, there was the future of the Lions boss.

The former Manchester United midfielder knows Amorim very well, as they played together back at their days in Benfica. And the Serbian believes that the coach would do well at Liverpool.

“Ruben Amorim is an excellent person, he was one of the people who helped me the most when I arrived at Benfica because he speaks English very well, I hope he hasn’t forgotten how to speak it now [laughs].

“I see Ruben Amorim at a great club, I don’t know if it will be Liverpool, but if it happens I’m sure he’ll be a great replacement for Klopp because Ruben understands football and has the personality and character to be a great coach, he already is at the moment. I’d like to see him in the Premier League, let’s see what happens from now on.”

Ruben Amorim is fully engaged in leading Sporting to a new league title, and that’s why the Portuguese media hasn’t had any updates on Liverpool’s pursuit this week. The coach is only expected to actually negotiate after the trophy is secured, although that obviously doesn’t stop his agent from working.

In that same interview, Matic also talked about Manchester United target João Neves, explaining why it’s probably too early for the midfielder to leave Benfica for a Premier League side.