When coming out to speak to the Swedish media following the defeat to Greece, Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof couldn’t hide how upset he was with the match.

Earlier today, we covered some of the 27-year-old’s quotes where he claimed he needed to ‘calm down’ to avoid ‘saying something stupid’, as he thought his side didn’t do well enough.

Now it turns out Lindelof also had a few words to say about the match referee, Sergei Karasev, who booked him at the end of the game.

With the Greek side being accused of wasting too much time in the final minutes of the match, the Russian official was asked to give more additional time, and that didn’t happen. So when speaking to him, the Swedish captain got a yellow card.

“I also think that there should have been more additional time,” said Lindelof (via Aftonbladet).

“I tried to talk to the referee, but he was very difficult to communicate with. He could not answer, he gave me a yellow card instead. If you judge international matches, you must be able to communicate in English.”

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“Yes, he gave me a yellow card because I asked why there were no more minutes. I don’t think he understood what I said. Of course I was a little annoyed.”

Sweden improved their chances of qualification with a victory against Spain last week. Now with the defeat to Greece, they’re more likely to fight for a playoff spot against last night’s opponents, while Kosovo and Georgia seem to be staying a little behind.

Lindelof now returns to Manchester United’s squad and prepares for the Red Devils’ clash against Newcastle United on Saturday.