Last summer, Álex Craninx left Spanish club FC Cartagena to join Molde and he played under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at the Norwegian outfit.

Solskjaer took charge at Manchester United on an interim basis, after the 20-time English champions parted ways with Jose Mourinho in December, and since then the Premier League club have enjoyed a good run under his guidance.

There’s been discussions within the supporters on social media and within the media generally about the possibility of appointing the 45-year-old as permanent manager, while Manchester United will wait until the end of the season before making any decision.

Cranix gave an interview to Spanish newspaper Marca in which he admitted he doesn’t see Solskjaer returning to Molde, even though it was confirmed that he was offered the job for a short term.

“When his technical staff left, he stayed in touch and he sent us a message saying that we prepared well during the pre-season, that we would see each other when his transfer to United was over,” he said.

“But, honestly, I don’t think he’ll return, he should continue for how he is doing it.”

“It’s not easy to manage in the Premier League and win the first seven matches [he has 19 goals in favour and only four against.]

“He knows the club, was important as a player and is doing well. Things have changed a complicated dynamic, if they finish in the top four, I do not think they want to get rid of him.”