Portuguese newspaper A Bola today shows up with a fresh story, just to say that Everton continue to have Florentino Luís as a serious target.

The Toffees chase for the Benfica midfielder had already been reported this year, and the newspaper claims they’ve been able ‘confirm’ that the player is on ‘top of the possibilities’ the Premier League club have for the summer.

It’s recalled that Everton have been interested in Florentino since January, when they offered €30m for him. Eagles’ boss Roger Schmidt didn’t want him to leave back then, but now that they have signed a new midfielder, there could be a different story.

A Bola just don’t know how much the Toffees can put on the table this time. It’s pointed out that the club are in a difficult situation to make investment because of 777 Partners, and it’s said they must ‘sort out their situation’ before thinking about making that signing.

The newspaper claims that Florentino’s desire to leave depends on the role that Schmidt will have for him next season, although the Premier League is ‘always seducing’ for any player.

So while Everton remain ‘attentive’, only their initial offer will give us an idea of how possible this transfer is.