On Monday, we covered an interview which newspaper Olé featured with the Argentinos Juniors midfielder Alexis Mac Allister.

The 20-year-old has an agreement to join Brighton in the summer, and is only spending a few months in Argentina before he moves to England.

What was strange in that interview was Mac Allister being asked about the possibility of moving to Boca Juniors, and not ruling out the possibility.

Despite confirming that he’s joining Brighton, he didn’t sound very sure he would stay for the Premier League season.

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Now Mac Allister has spoken to the local press again, and finally made it clear why he’s unsure about what will happen with him.

The player has revealed that he doesn’t have an EU passport, and since there’s no guarantee he can get a work permit, he may have to be loaned out once again.

“With regard to my future I don’t know what is going to happen because today I don’t have European citizenship and without that I can’t play there,” Alexis Mac Allister told Olé.

Asked if there’s a time set for him to be able to play, he said: “The problem is that there isn’t an exact time. One always dreams of reaching Europe, but I don’t look with bad eyes to play for a big club in Argentina, including Argentinos.”

But despite the problems with the transfer, Mac Allister claims that he’s been following Brighton’s campaign in the Premier League this season: “Yeah, I followed, watching the matches and having permanent contact with the person in charge of following me during my loan here.”

Mac Allister also claims that ‘no one from Boca contacted him’, which should cool down the rumours about a La Bombonera move for a while.