Former Arsenal midfielder Denilson has spoken to the Brazilian media once again this week, this time in a live chat with outlet Lance.

There’s obviously been a lot for him to say about his time with the Gunners, and the part which is highlighted by Lance is when he talked about Thierry Henry.

Having joined Arsenal as a teenager, Denilson talked about the first impressions when arriving at the club, especially when he saw big stars like the Frenchman in training.

“The striking moments were more at work. I hadn’t learned many things in Brazil. When I arrived at 18, I looked like a child in the middle of those giant guys. Watching Henry train was amazing,” Denilson told Lance.

“He was outstanding training and playing. I really admire the attitude he had on and off the field. I had great experiences. I’m also a fan of Gilberto Silva, not only as a player but as a person as well, he helped me countless times during that period that he was there.”

“I was an 18-year-old boy who played with those guys in the video game. When I saw Henry up close I shivered. Gilberto Silva and Wenger went to welcome me. They are unforgettable moments. This image that I have of the three welcoming me is what will be marked forever.”

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The story which makes it to Lance’s headline covers when Henry showed a little support for a Brazilian club. And Denilson felt guilty when he first spread it.

“Inside Arsenal, one day I told the situation that Henry was singing Vasco’s anthem in the shower. I ended up telling the people in Brazil and I thought he was going to give me some scolding. I talked to Gilberto Silva about the situation and that the directors were on their way to London with Vasco’s shirt signed by Romário. Gilberto talked to Henry and everything was fine, so I was relieved. I didn’t know if I could say anything from inside or not, if he would like it or not.”

This isn’t the first time a Brazilian player says Henry likes Vasco da Gama. In an interview last year, former Arsenal left-back André Santos said the Frenchman used to dance to samba in the dressing room and say ‘I’m Vasco’.