As Nottingham Forest wait for the arrival of Gustavo Scarpa in January, there’s exciting news from South America regarding his performances in Brazil.

UOL today claims the midfielder has become Palmeiras’ ‘most decisive player’ during his ‘last dance’ with the club this year.

There’s a good reason why Scarpa chose to stay at the Verdão until the end of his contract, and that’s the great team he is in. They are on top of the Brazilian League table, besides staying alive in the Copa do Brasil and Copa Libertadores.

In the continental tournament last night, there was a difficult challenge in the first leg of the quarter-finals against Atlético-MG. And despite trailing 2-0 away from home, Palmeiras managed to level the score, with the midfielder playing a big part in it.

UOL writes that Scarpa ‘was the big one responsible for the draw’. They point out that ‘it has become repetitive, at the end of the games, to see him being appointed as the best on the pitch’, and they also bring a bunch of stats to show he’s one of the best in Brazil these days.

The outlet calls it a ‘last dance’ because next year, Scarpa will be joining ‘the traditional, but only medium Nottingham Forest in the Premier League’.

Speaking to the Brazilian media last night (via Gazeta Esportiva), the player admitted he’s been having a great form, and confirmed he’s already signed the deal with Forest.

“I think it’s the best moment of my career. I’m very happy about it. I confess that, when I signed the pre-contract, I was very afraid of having bad performances and being judged for it. But I think it was very important, and I do live in the best moment. And that gives me more peace of mind, for the fans, and for the club in general, which sees that I didn’t sit at the end of my contract and I continue to do my best. I’m very happy with this.”