The pressure is rising in Denmark again, and Middlesbrough’s Viktor Fischer is well aware how important victory over Kazakhstan is. Denmark have had a poor World Cup Qualifying campaign so far, and there’s the very real danger that, realistically, it could be over soon.

After losing their last match against Montenegro in October, Fischer’s national teammate Christian Eriksen told Denmark’s BT: “It only gets harder now. It was difficult in advance, after we lost in Poland.

“We knew that we absolutely could not lose to Montenegro, and it happened, so it puts us in a difficult situation.

“We have seven games left and I think we should win them all together to have a chance.”

That’s an almost impossible target, but beating Kazakhstan at home isn’t, and it’s absolutely essential. Fischer has reiterated the importance, and made it clear the player’s are feeling the pressure.

Speaking to Denmark’s Bold, the Middlesbrough player said: “It is the first time we are in such a pressured situation, as we are now. It was also pressure against Montenegro, but now we are in a very, very stressful situation. But we must go out and handle it.

“The earlier we can do so with this young group, the better we will be eventually. So it is in many ways an exciting showdown, but it’s not for fun. We’re going to win, and that each of us must be aware of.”

Losing to Montenegro seemed impossible given the situation, but losing to Kazakhstan, in fact, not winning, would be unthinkable. Denmark have an excellent group of young players coming through, but the lack of results is piling pressure on a team which doesn’t appear to have enough natural leaders.