Pedro Caixinha’s shopping for Rangers continues to be big news in the Mexican media.. Especially now that the transfer fees of Carlos Peña and Eduardo Herrera have been made public by the selling clubs’ presidents.

The officials were approached by journalists to reveal how much Rangers are paying to get the players to Ibrox, and Chivas Gualajara CEO José Luis Higuera was the first to cede and reveal the price of Peña. It was US$3.5m (£2.7m).

After he did his bit, he helped the local outlets to ask Pumas president Rodrigo Ares about the fee for Herrera. Ares revealed it’s US$1.5m (£1.15m), and the Mexican club will only keep 75% of it (via Futbol Total).

Carlos Peña’s agent has recently said the player is expected to get his work permit next week, and Rangers are confident he’ll have no problems with it. Herrera is also in the process to get his permit for a transfer to the Scottish Premiership.

Rangers are working quickly at the beginning of the transfer season, and it has to be assumed that Caixinha’s summer recruitment was being mapped out from the day he walked into Ibrox.