Among the many foreign youngsters who get trials at big European clubs, there are always a few who end up succeeding somewhere else and keep good stories about their experiences.

This is the case of Luis Olivas, who’s been recently promoted from Chivas Guadalajara’s academy and is now succeeding in his first starts for the first team. The defender had the chance to train with Liverpool some years ago, and told this story in a press conference today.

“They invited me in 2014 if I remember correctly, because of a tournament that I had with the national team, it was my first in Sweden. There they saw me and I had the possibility to go to do the trials, but due to minor issues, I could not stay,” said Olivas (via Radio Formula).

“The truth is it was a very nice experience. The facilities, the players, the coaches, things are different. It’s another culture, also in terms of football, and that opens the picture a little more for you, and thank God I was given the opportunity and now hopefully that chance will be given again.”

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Luis Olivas is now 21, which means he was just 14 at the time he had the chance to go to Liverpool. The defender didn’t make it clear what were the problems which stopped him from staying at the club, so it’s hard to tell if the Reds were interested in keeping him or not.

Now in case he continues doing well at Chivas, perhaps he could indeed have the chance to still play for a European giant.