While a lot has been made of Andrea Radrizzani’s involvement in the Sampdoria project, the other name involved is that of Matteo Manfredi, who could be bringing a relationship with Newcastle United in the near future to the Italian side.

Club Doria 46 have a big article on the matter on Friday, explaining that the co-owner, who will be ‘future president’ of the club, is still trying to find minority shareholders to give the club ‘further liquidity’.

This is where Newcastle potentially come in, as Il Secolo XIX, relayed by the aforementioned website, explain the CEO of Gestio Capital is trying to ‘exploit his network of professional acquaintances’.

What has caught everyone’s attention is that Manfredi will be in Jeddah on December 13th for the Jeddah World Cup, and that’s when he and Roberto Mancini ‘will meet representatives of the PIF Fund’.

They, or at least who they represent, are the current owners of Newcastle, which, if they are successfully convinced by the Italian businessman, could lead to some sort of partnership between the two sides.

Anything more than an input of money would then have to be discussed, but if the PIF Fund do end up buying a minority share in Sampdoria, it wouldn’t be surprising if they, down the line, tried to grow something more between the Serie B club and their flagship team to match their ambition.

One to certainly keep an eye on.