Ahead of Fulham’s clash against Nottingham Forest tonight, the Portuguese media features a fresh interview with Whites’ boss Marco Silva.

The coach had a long conversation about the work he’s been doing at the London side, explaining that he’s taken the club to a new level.

Speaking to DAZN, Silva talked about that process and discussed how his future will be seen at Fulham in a few years.

“Yes, that last part of the question is very important to me, to feel the dynamic of the club that we have built and cemented in this club, which was not used to it. We have to understand that when we arrived, the state in which the club was and the great transformation that we made,” said Silva.

“People always have to decide how they look at me, or how they will think of me in the future. I know that one thing is certain, everyone, not just my staff, but the players who are around me, all the staff in the club, one thing that they know, is that they have the best friend here, absolutely for everything, but also the person who has to demand more of them. They have the two things, I am the person who always has the door open to talk, but at the same time they also know that I am the person who will demand more of them, because that’s the only way you can win in this life.”

Silva also talked about a couple of players individually, as he was asked about Fulham strikers Raul Jimenez and Rodrigo Muniz. He’s happy that the Mexican managed to find the end of his goalscoring drought, while the Brazilian has been in great form this season.

“Getting Raul to a high level was very good, because Raul hadn’t scored for more than 12 or 13 months in the Premier League and we managed to get him to score. And then, when he got injured, Rodrigo has really come on at an impressive time. He’s been scoring goals, but not just goals. The way he’s been playing has been very good for us, for him too, he’s been developing, and I feel there’s a lot more to develop in him. It’s good when you have a 22-year-old who you give a chance and he can play the way he’s been playing. Above all you realise that there’s still so much to improve and clearly to get him to a higher level.”

Currently standing 12th in the Premier League table, Fulham can still dream of getting some positive results in the final fixtures in order to try for a place in the Conference League next season. After tonight’s match against Nottingham Forest, they’ll have a couple of decisive games for that objective, as they’ll be facing Newcastle United and West Ham United.