Marcelo Bielsa is adored by Leeds United fans for helping the club return to the Premier League after 16 years out of the top flight competition in England.

The Whites have enjoyed a decent run this campaign. Their latest win over Manchester City has helped Leeds sit in 10th spot in the league table.

Bielsa’s current deal expires in the summer, and until a renewal is signed there’ll be rumours about his future.

The 65-year-old started his coaching career with his former club, Newell’s Old Boys, and his mentor, Jorge Griffa, has urged Bielsa to return to the Argentine side before he retires.

Griffa gave an interview to Super Deportivo Radio, where he discussed his student, Bielsa.

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“I had a lot of students and especially those who were first players. Marcelo gave me the answer to what I felt and developed,” he said.

“I had to be on top of him, because he had his faults, but he capitalised on all the knowledge. That’s what he ended up being, a successful football coach in Europe and perhaps one day he will have to return to Newell’s.”

When further quizzed if he wants Bielsa to return to his old club soon, Griffa explained: “I don’t know when, but one day he will have to come back, because we have to give Newell’s what Newell’s Old Boys somehow gave us.

“Marcelo really has a natural obligation that he must express by coming to his home club. He has a higher grade than mine, because he is working in modern football. Therefore, in quotation marks you have the obligation to return to your home club.

“The only club that he has to return is Newell’s Old Boys, because it is the club that gave him birth. All the people of Newell’s Old Boys want him to return, so he has the obligation to return at the right time and that the club is in a position to receive him and he is in a position to give the appropriate answers.

“I would like him to return and win everything within Newell’s Old Boys. Time passes for everyone and he has to take as a fundamental part to end his career as a football coach in a club as he was born: Newell’s.”

Despite Bielsa’s mentor advising him to return to Newell’s Old Boys, recent claims will give hope to Leeds United and their supporters of seeing their manager at the club next season.

Over the weekend, La Nación reported the former Marseille manager’s future will be with Leeds as negotiations are advanced for a two-year extension.