In what appears to be a very strange meeting in Barcelona, Manchester United’s John Murtaugh and Matt Hargreaves held a meeting with Deco, alongside two agents from the CAA Base agency, Frank Trimboli and Federico Massai.

That’s according to Jijantes, who have a video of everyone casually standing outside of a restaurant, with it clear that some sort of discussion took place.

At this point, it’s extremely hard to work out what is going on between all the parties, as the only player represented at both clubs by CAA Base is Raphaël Varane.

Considering his past with Real Madrid, we therefore highly doubt that it will be anything to do with the Frenchman, meaning the meeting was for someone else.

There’s no clear indication, but it appears some sort of talk is taking place between Manchester United and Barcelona in some shape or form, with the help of some agents.

Something to keep an eye on, because there is no other reason for those five people to meet just for an afternoon chat in March.

Regardless, this is seen as very exciting in the Spanish media, who will lap this up very quickly and quickly try and work out why this all happened.