Fans of the Andre Silva to Manchester United rumour are about to get a boost. If FC Porto had been playing a pub team on Friday night, maybe Manchester United would have turned up. They’ve been regulars at the club’s matches for months, going back into last season.

According to Portuguese newspaper A Bola, they were the only English club in attendance on Friday night as Porto travelled to Chaves. Porto were away, but Chaves is only an hour and a half away, so the club’s regular Dragões scout will have easily made the trip.

There are no claims as to who Manchester United were watching, A Bola don’t seem too bothered to be honest. Rather than the usual great and good in attendance, Manchester United were instead joined by Celta Vigo, Carpi, Genoa, Atalanta and Montpellier.

Why the lack of interest? It was a cup game, and Chaves were only promoted to the top flight this year, although they currently stand a respectable sixth.

Manchester United have been credited with interest in Porto’s young Andre Silva for some months, but they won’t have been impressed last night. A Bola gave him 5/10 in a 0-0 match which Chaves won on penalties.