Manchester United officials are flying to Turin on Saturday. As reported by Tutto Mercato Web today, the scouts will be watching Torino’s home league game against Sampdoria.

The target, of course, is said to be Torino’s star striker. The emissaries would be keeping an eye on Torino’s star Andrea Belloti, who has been tentatively linked to José Mourinho’s side in the past few weeks.

Torino and Sampdoria are currently in 9th and 10th place in Serie A, so the game could be decisive for final positions in the league.

Belotti continues to be Torino’s biggest hope, and he has already scored 27 times this season. His release clause, which is around €100m, is what Torino are demanding to let him go.

It’s worth remembering that Manchester United are one of the English clubs with more scouts spread throughout Europe, so watching players live rarely means there’s a bid for them coming soon.

Sampdoria have some good young talents, it could even been one of their players of interest, regardless of what TMW believe.