ESPN Brasil today publishes an interview with Manchester United players Alex Telles and Fred.

Even though João Castello Branco asked them many questions about different subjects, their website runs a special story on Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival and the impact he’s been having at the club so far.

Both players explained that the Portuguese star has helped them improve their mentality, as he’s been a strong presence in the locker room.

“His impact was very positive,” Fred told ESPN Brasil.

“It’s obvious that in the first games, it was difficult for us, we had some defeats in some big matches, but I think his impact was very positive because a quality player, as great as Cristiano, being able to share the locker room, being able to have a day-to-day life with him, is very important.

“It’s like I say, it’s hard for you to get there, but it’s even harder to keep up, and he stayed on top, he works for it. It’s an honour to be able to work with him, to be able to share the locker room.”

Alex Telles pointed out that even when Cristiano Ronaldo is on the bench, he still has a big impact on the team for the way he communicates with the players while warming up next to the pitch.

“He’s a very involved guy, as everyone already knows. He’s a winning guy, who has reached the maximum level, and to reach his level he has to be very competitive. Whether he’s playing or not, he’s a guy who is always involved. On the pitch you have a vision, and outside another, you can see the game better.

“Him warming up, obviously, when I was close to him, he said some things that he saw were more important, in short, to cross or not, pass or not, go on and on, press on. These things that, normally, those out of the pitch have this vision. We on the field, more tired, with the pressure of the opponent, it becomes more difficult. He really gives this positive help and he just wanted to help and it’s very positive for all of us.”

Fred said that at the time Manchester United were having bad results under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Ronaldo had a big part in the dressing room asking more from his teammates.

“Absolutely, but it’s in everyone, everyone. Everyone wants to have a great performance, both for themselves and the group, and if something goes wrong, we’ll demand from ourselves.

We had some defeats, after the games we questioned ourselves there in the dressing room, he challenged the others, Bruno [Fernandes] challenged the others, I did, I demanded from myself too, I could have done better. So this is normal, if the performance isn’t good, you have to have this self-criticism, for yourself as well as for others.”

Following Manchester United’s big 3-2 win over Arsenal on Thursday night, the Red Devils now have little time to rest as they face Crystal Palace on Sunday, this time under the management of Ralf Rangnick.