Paris Saint Germain boss Thomas Tuchel has insisted his side will ‘defend low’ against Manchester United should that be required.

The French champions have found themselves under increasing pressure in recent weeks, with a series of poor performances earning them widespread criticism.

Last night saw them pick a crucial 1-0 win over RB Leipzig in the Champions League, a result that left them second and three points behind Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United in Group H.

The result was not without its costs, though, with PSG’s players visibly exhausted after a tough 90 minutes against Julien Nagelsmann’s high-pressing side.

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That was an issue for a side that was already struggling with fitness issues, and Tuchel has openly admitted he will change tactics for the clash with Manchester United if need be.

“The hardest part will be finding eleven players who have the physical impact to give,” Paris Supporters report him saying after the game.

“These are important things. We are thinking of the match before against Bordeaux; we will prepare the match and a plan against Manchester then. 

“If the players feel better, if it’s easier for them, we can play a better game.

“We will do what is necessary, but I have confidence. If we still have to defend low, we will.”

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Tuchel has been under increasing pressure in recent weeks, with many questioning whether he is the right man to lead the French side moving forward.

The question is a particularly important one given the German side coach is currently in the final year of his contract, which expires next summer.

One of the biggest questions labelled at him is the style of play he has brought to the club, with plenty of doubts about whether he is getting the best out of the star-studded squad.

That was one posed to him again last night after a tepid display against Leipzig, and one he did not take kindly too.

“You can ask this question in the locker room if you have the balls to do that,” RTL add him saying.

“Because there are players who are dead, they gave their all! I’m tired of meeting expectations like that! 

“If you have the courage, you can ask that question in the locker room. They’re all over, all of them!”