Despite all the excitement that had been around Claudio Echeverri’s transfer to Manchester City, there’s now a little bucket of cold water over it.

When Pep Guardiola’s side first signed the player, leaving him on loan at River Plate until December 2024, it had first been claimed he’d then join Girona next.

Now Olé comes forward to explain that the move can’t be made, since UEFA won’t let Manchester City loan a player to another club from the City Group who are also playing in the Champions League.

That’s why the whole scenario changed, and according to the newspaper, Echeverri is now set to be loaned out to another La Liga side.

Spanish football is seen by the City Group as the best place for the midfielder to develop, and their idea is to let him get experience for two or three seasons before he gets a chance to play for Manchester City.

Clubs such as Real Sociedad, Real Betis and UD Las Palmas are labelled as potential destinations for Echeverri, as they show similar characteristics to Girona.

River Plate had been hopeful of keeping the player on loan for longer, but that possibility is said to be off the table.