Manchester City have reportedly spoiled Real Madrid’s plans to sign a goalkeeper this month. Due to their interest in Gerónimo Rulli, from Real Sociedad, the Galacticos will find it now more difficult to make the signing.

City’s interest was revealed by Real Sociedad director Loren Juarros, who also said that there’s a preference for the English club to buy the 24-year-old.

“We know that Manchester City like Rulli and, when you’re talking about competing with Manchester City, the feelings you have are complicated.

“What happens is that Gero has it clear that he wants to keep playing for the team, because he is close to get in the national team and there (at City) he can have doubts if he will be a starter. It will depend on the will of the player, and the money they give him,” Loren told Marca.

“His will is to stay here, as he already stated publicly, just like his agents, but there is a third part, which is an investment fund, which gave a preferential option to Manchester City. If at some point it seemed hard for them to be interested, now it could be so and it would make it all more difficult, even after it’s been said that the player wants to continue.”

Rulli has been at Real Sociedad for two years, but he actually belongs to Maldonado. The Uruguayan club is used by investment groups to register their players and send them to other sides on loan to make them more valuable.

Sociedad expected to pay something between €5m and €8m for the goalkeeper this summer.