Juventus coach Maurizio Sarri has put Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus at the top of his wishlist this summer, but a deal is hard to accomplish given his big wages.

Tuttosport explain that Juve are on the hunt for a new striker this summer, with it explained they are determined to find an ‘important pawn’ for their ‘offensive department’.

Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus is Sarri’s ‘favourite’ to fill the role, but it’s made clear a move for him would be difficult.

It’s explained that the operation would be an ‘uphill task’ because the Brazilian earns ‘a lot’ at the Etihad, although there is no figure given. There is also no mention of an asking price.

Juventus chiefs have a little bit of hope on their side, though.

They believe that the potential financial difficulties that Manchester City could face as a result of their two-year Champions League ban could work in their favour.

City were, of course, banned earlier this year after Financial Fair Play irregularities and it seems Juve’s belief is that they may end up desperate for money and therefore open to selling Jesus this summer.

That seems unlikely, though. City’s finances are in rude health, and it’s been established they’re hoping to get the ban reduced to a year anyway.

Even if that isn’t the case, it’s improbable they’d be open to selling Jesus, who is seen as the heir to Sergio Aguero, given the Argentine could leave next summer when his contract expires.