Just like Wolverhampton Wanderers, the Mexican national team are also very anxious about the return of Raul Jimenez to the playing field.

Earlier this week, manager Tata Martino released the pre-list of players who could be called up to feature in the Nations League’s final four in June, and even though he left players such as Chicharito Hernandez out, he still included the Wolves star.

There’s obviously a little mystery on whether Jimenez could actually be playing for Mexico next month or if he’d only be there to stay with the squad, as he’s done during friendly matches this year.

Tata Martino has since been interviewed by TUDN, and when talking about the striker, he brought all the information he has on his potential return to the national team and to Wolves.

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“The reality is much more that we regret for the injury, his health and later on what he has lost with his club, than what we have suffered,” said Martino.

“He’s making a very good recovery, we are looking forward to his possible return in the latter dates in the Premier and to have conversations with the club.”

Raul Jimenez hasn’t played a match since his incident in the game against Arsenal back in November.

He has, however, returned to training with Wolves for months now, but continues to wait for that final approval until he can officially enter the pitch again.

“Understanding that there are two scenarios, that he can play with Wolverhampton and that opens the doors to a call, or the possibility that he will not do so, at which point we should speak, attending and prioritising the opinion of the doctors who have treated him during all this time.

“Today, all that is left is a medical board that can discharge him and that he can participate in this last or penultimate fixture.”