Adnan Januzaj is still only 21 years of age, and not quite on the wonder-kid scrapheap yet, but there’s been a lot of negativity around the youngster for a while. His form dropping off at Manchester United saw Januzaj receive less opportunities, and that subsequently led to a loan.

Swapping Manchester United for Borussia Dortmund went very badly indeed for Januzaj, and there were reliable reports from Germany that Januzaj simply wasn’t putting enough effort into training, and Dortmund didn’t feel he was committed enough.

That continued when Januzaj returned to Manchester United, and the youngster was always likely to fall outside of Jose Mourinho’s first season plans. Belgian newspaper HLN have been speaking to the footballer, and quote him as saying: “This summer the club told me that I needed match practice. I understand with Mourinho that I’m just not a priority.

“I put my pride aside – I could say, ‘I want to go to a big club. ” But I must not talk but perform. It’s not the easiest step in my career, but it is nevertheless a necessary step. In modern football you do not have endless credit. I have to go and prove that I am worthy to be a Manchester United player – I am firmly convinced. The talent I have cannot be lost.”

Januzaj’s switch from Manchester United to Sunderland is described as a ‘drastic step backwards’ by HLN, but he simply must perform if there’s to be any chance of impressing Mourinho.