Ever since it was hinted at that Paul Pogba could leave Manchester United, which was about three years ago, Sergej Milinković-Savić has been touted as his replacement.

The move has never taken place because the Frenchman has always stayed, but with his contract running out in the summer and still no renewal agreed, this could finally be the year he gets a move elsewhere.

In turn, Manchester United will need to replace him, and the Serbian, with his impressive physique, goalscoring ability and ability to defend when needed, seems like the ideal candidate.

Of course, there is the issue of compensating Lazio for their star, and Gazzetta dello Sport, covering the fact Milinković-Savić was in Paris recently, explain the current situation.

The player’s decision to head to the French capital with his partner certainly has raised a few eyebrows, but it’s made clear it is ‘categorically excluded’ this trip was to meet anyone from Paris Saint-Germain, with those details left to his agent, Mateja Kezman, if needed.

No, this was purely for personal reasons, but they do hint this ‘can also be read as a first taste, a contact with the city in which the two could soon go to live’.

Realistically, if Paris Saint-Germain need a midfielder and have to choose between a free Paul Pogba and the Serbian, they’ll go for the former, but that in itself remains to be seen, even if the Ligue 1 leaders ‘never stopped following’ the Lazio star.

As for Manchester United, they are directly mentioned in the final paragraph of the article, with it made clear a transfer ‘could materialise next summer’.

Lazio are waiting, and are ‘willing to sell’ as long ‘as an adequate offer’ arrives, which, while it won’t reach the €100m of the past, would be of ‘at least €70-80m’.

Those are figures ‘few other clubs can afford’, but one of those is Manchester United, who have ‘also been on the trail of the Serbian in the past’.

Gazzetta hint the Old Trafford residents ‘could come back now, especially if Pogba were to leave’, but, then again, if it’s all about the destination, ‘in terms of romance, there is no match between Paris and Manchester’.