With Manchester United’s quest for a new manager being one of the hottest topics in the European media, it was just a matter of time until El Chiringuito got involved with big claims.

It happened last night, with journalist Eduardo Inda now saying that the Red Devils have just given one of the candidates an ‘ultimatum’ about taking the Old Trafford job.

It’s said that the Premier League side have been in contact with Zinedine Zidane, claiming they want him since the last international break, and the former Real Madrid boss said he’d think about it.

Now Manchester United told him he has one week to respond. In case he doesn’t, then the club will go for their ‘plan B’.

That’s where the most surprising part arrives, as the Red Devils would have as an alternative the former Everton boss Roberto Martinez.

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It’s outlet Diario Madridista who brings more of Inda’s quotes, and they recall that Manchester United’s contacts with Zidane had first been reported by the journalist back on 17th of October.

Now while the Spanish media keeps talking about Zidane, we continue to see the Italian press backing up the talks with Antonio Conte.

It really looks like the two are the strongest options the club have to replace Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, unless they’ll just surprise everyone and choose Roberto Martinez instead.