Catalan outlet La Porteria continues to sound very confident that Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero will be joining Barcelona in the summer.

Earlier this week, they brought a report saying the move was ‘imminent’, since the player’s lawyers already had the contract from the Camp Nou side ready to be signed.

Now in an update, it’s claimed that Aguero has told family and close friends that he’s indeed joining the La Liga giants.

Following the end of his contract with Manchester City, it’s said the Argentine star is expected to sign a two-year deal with the Catalan side.

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However, we must also point out that other stories from Spain are not that optimistic about Aguero’s move.

Earlier today, we saw Mundo Deportivo dismiss the claims about the contract and the player’s lawyers, while those of an already existing agreement have also been dismissed by the striker’s camp.

With contradicting reports fighting each other, we can only wait and see what Aguero’s decision will be, but one thing we know for sure is that his future lies far away from Manchester City