Brazilians have a thing for Guardiola. It’s incredible the amount of times the manager is mentioned in interviews without a clear reason for it.

Even though it’s been almost two years since the Catalan boss took charge of Manchester City, players continue to be interviewed to answer questions about him, and this was the case of Danilo this week.

The player has spoken to ESPN Brasil’s website, and from the eight questions in the interview, six of them were about his relationship with Guardiola.

Asked to speak on the manager’s ‘human side’, Danilo said: “I always say that geniuses are crazy and he goes by that line! He’s a guy that often you often pass by him and he doesn’t even say ‘hello’ because he’s thinking about the next game, in the slightest modification he can do to attack, to defend.

“I often see him at a table with several people and him staring in a direction where there is nothing! (laughs). No doubt he is always thinking of news for his team.”

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The right-back also talked a lot about tactics used by the manager: “I’m an admirer of the teams that have a game plan, because I believe that when things are going bad, you have somewhere to ‘stick to’. Nobody does it better than Pep and for me it was very important to play in a team that stands high and always has possession of the ball. It matches more with my qualities and especially with what I think about football.

“When a team has a defined standard and is tactically organised, it’s easier to play in other positions. In training Pep always seeks to make clear the solutions for each move, regardless of position, they are standard moves, which helps you a lot when improvising.”

Danilo has also spoken to UOL this week, this time about a different topic. Manchester City have scheduled their league title parade for the same time as Brazilian manager Tite will make the official World Cup call-up.

As the right-back is one of the possibilities for the squad, the website asked him what will he do to watch it: “I did not know the timings accurately, but with all the technology that exists today, it’s easy to know. I’ll think about whether I’m going to try to watch or not, because it’s a situation that makes me a bit nervous “