ESPN Brasil features today an interview with Liverpool midfielder Thiago Alcântara.

The 30-year-old, who’s having his first season for the Reds following a move from Bayern Munich last summer, has spoken about the qualities he’s seen in Jurgen Klopp’s side so far.

Thiago claims he’s found a winning philosophy at the Anfield side which had been implemented even before the club went back on winning big titles.

“The greatest quality of this team, me talking to them before playing, is the resilience of year after year Liverpool had before getting the titles,” Thiago Alcântara told ESPN Brasil.

“This resilience was evolving, winning more and more titles, this year, the same thing.”

“With the lack of fans, the team needs to give this extra shift to compete for the title. Even so, the team wants to continue winning, scoring goals. This is the main thing, that the team continues with this hunger intact.”

Thiago also spoke about his teammate Fabinho and the importance he has to the team, regardless of the position the Brazilian has been playing in.

“I think that Fábio, you can already count on him as a defender, because this defensive function is a virtue of his. He already played like this, before he was the defensive midfielder. You lose a midfield player, it’s having a weakness that you had in the midfield before, now, with him, it’s a consistency that he gives.”

“And the freedom to be able to play more. I think we are all capable of acting in the role, but Fábio is what he does in the best possible way.”

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Thiago Alcântara is one of the few players who has had the chance to be managed by Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

He claims the players feel some similarities when having both of them as their boss.

“I will always speak positive things in an open way. What sets these two coaches apart is the idea of ​​having a game methodology and knowing how to pass it on to the players.”

“The players, in addition to listening and having that respect, do what the coach wants. That was the most important part of the stage that I lived with Guardiola and that I am living with Klopp ”

Thiago Alcântara has 22 appearances for Liverpool so far, and is still to score his first goal for the Reds.