Before the match against Feyenoord, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf made a point of saying the English media were going easy on Jose Mourinho after the derby defeat.

Having been in the pre-match press conference for the Europa League tie, there was surprise at how gently Mourinho was treated: ‘‘Louis van Gaal with a performance like that against City last weekend would have been flattened.’

That feeling isn’t restricted to De Telegraaf and there was of course anger in the Netherlands over the way Van Gaal was treated by the English media, and at the end with the way Manchester United dealt with his exit.

Therefore, the idea that Van Gaal will have enjoyed Feyenoord’s victory is one which is entertaining for many.

Even Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit got involved, insinuating there’d be celebrations for Van Gaal.

That has of course been picked up by the Dutch media, and De Telegraaf themselves say: ‘The Dutch manager throughout last season was mercilessly killed by the British press, and after winning the FA Cup was sacked by Manchester United. Jose Mourinho was then hailed as the great saviour.’