Football is full of big rivalries between big clubs, some of them are decades old and others fairly new. Barcelona and PSG is one that falls into the latter.

The two clubs have become sworn enemies in recent years courtesy of the epic meetings in the Champions League, the Neymar saga and several failed transfers between the pair.

The rivalry is simmering once again this summer, especially as Neymar pushes for a return to the Camp Nou, but it seems the ‘war’ between the two clubs is infecting all areas, even youth transfers.

Enter Louie Barry. AS report that the 16-year-old striker was all set to join PSG from West Brom this summer and even had a medical at the club ahead of the move but then Barcelona swooped in to ruin things.

They say Barry ‘was determined’ to move to the Camp Nou and his mother and father agreed, thus pushing him to Spain instead of France.

Annoyed at missing out on the West Brom youngster, PSG responded in kind by stealing Xavi Simons from Barcelona.

Barca had offered the youngster €130,000 per season but PSG used their relationship with Mino Raiola, who it’s said is also in a continued ‘war’ with Barca, to lure him to Paris instead.

So, in summary, Barcelona signed a youngster PSG wanted and the French champions responded by taking a young star off Barcelona.

And AS point out, there’s likely to be ramifications for the proposed Neymar deal. This latest affair will have only damaged the relationship between the two clubs further and as a result, it’s difficult to see them ever agreeing on anything in regards to Neymar.

Who knew a 16-year-old West Brom product could cause so much trouble.