The Premier League transfer deadline is causing a bit of an issue this summer with clubs yet to get used to the new systems. Some are using the deadline to their advantage, though, like Tottenham in their pursuit of Giovani Lo Celso.

Spurs have been chasing the Argentine all summer long, with Mauricio Pochettino a known admirer of his compatriot.

However, they are yet to agree on a fee with Real Betis, who want €75m for Lo Celso. In fact, they have an agreement with the player to sell him for that amount.

There have been daily updates on the situation for the past few weeks and today is no different, with Diario de Sevilla updating things and framing it all around this new deadline.

They say the ‘countdown’ is now on to get the deal done, with Spurs the only club interested in the midfielder at this point.

However, the newspaper says the two clubs are in a ‘standoff’ at present. Tottenham’s last bid was €50m, which Betis won’t accept and Diario explains they ‘did not see it with good eyes’.

They again, though, reiterate they ‘must come to an agreement’ before that August 9th deadline, which is the latest of several instances which have suggested Betis not only want to get a deal done but are desperate for it to happen.

And Estadio Deportivo may have an explanation as to why. Betis are determined to sign a striker this summer and have been trying to get Borja Iglesias from Espanyol.

Espanyol want €27m upfront, though and Betis can’t afford that. Estadio explain that ‘an irreproachable offer for Lo Celso’ could provide the ‘cash’ necessary for Betis to sign Iglesias. That’s another example of them needing the money from a sale.

That plays into Tottenham’s hands, and perhaps, if they give a little, they can use Betis’ need for a sale to lower the asking price significantly. Expect this one to run right until the deadline.