Liverpool’s squad turned up in Marbella on Monday.

They all looked relaxed and happy to have had a break, apart from Jordan Henderson who already seemed to have his match-face on.

The Spanish media have obviously been swarming around the complex, but Marca explains they’re being kept as far away as possible.

Liverpool are said to be training ‘under extreme security measures’.

It’s the same as they had last year, and Jurgen Klopp wanted his Liverpool squad to be at the Marbella Football Centre again, but this time obviously hoping for a better outcome in the final.

In additional to national police, it’s explained 50 extra security staff have been brought in to guard the complex, and give Klopp’s players as much privacy as possible.

Not to be deterred, Marca say they managed to take some long distance photographs from a house on a nearby hill.

The hotel where Liverpool are staying currently has a 50 metre security zone around it.