Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has given a pretty good interview to Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte this week.

With the 26-year-old preparing for the Champions League final to be played against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, he actually had a lot to talk about the previous final against Real Madrid, which will be remembered for the mistakes of another player in the same position.

Alisson played for Roma at the time, and couldn’t watch the entire game: “I was in the national team, in preparation for the World Cup, and I didn’t watch the game. When we get so close, with a lot of will, and have a frustration like that, as it was in my case… I ended up not watching the game, I only saw the goals afterwards.”

Regarding Loris Karius’ mistakes, Alisson said: “We get sad when a colleague has a moment like this, especially in the Champions League final. It’s something that marks the player’s career, but we have to go around it, know how to deal with the mistake no matter when it happens.”

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“It’s inherent in the profession. The goalkeepers are more marked because, when an error occurs, 99% of the time ends in a goal and can decide a match, a championship. It sure gives a feeling of sadness, because we know how much we work and dedicate to make things happen in the best way.”

Alisson was also asked if Liverpool wanted to sign him before or after that Champions League final.

“As far as I know, Liverpool already had an interest in the season I made. It was already in their plans to go after another goalkeeper. I don’t know if it was a turning point or not. I can say that I made the right choice and that today I am in the Champions League final and having one of the biggest campaigns of Liverpool in the Premier League, having almost won the title, very close to City.”

Globo Esporte also wanted to know if he feels that the fans are now more confident, having a better goalkeeper in the team.

“The comments are all always very positive. The warmth of the fans has been very great with me and the team for the special moment. I was signed for a high amount for a goalkeeper. At the time it was the record, then came Kepa. It was a big responsibility, but I was prepared for it.

“I had good seasons at Roma, I played in the Champions League, I was able to adapt quickly to the English league and I was able to have a great season. I was a golden glove, we had the best defence. They are important things, and the numbers sometimes also show a little more confidence to the supporter and those who follow our team.”