Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, it will be clear to you that Liverpool need help for their midfield.

That’s why we are seeing numerous articles suggesting that the Reds are going after either Jude Bellingham or Enzo Fernández, with both set to cost the Anfield side over €100m each if they want them in January.

It’s a lot of money, even for a club like Liverpool, which is why the idea of signing someone cheaper could be enticing.

When we say cheaper, we mean more in the €40m mark, and that’s the minimum Atalanta will want for Giorgio Scalvini, who is on the Reds’ radar.

That’s according to Gazzetta dello Sport, who look at what the future could hold for the centre-back, who can also play in midfield.

They explain the ‘greats of Europe’ are lining up for the 19-year-old, with Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester City joining Inter, with the former trio ‘at the window’ for him.

However, Atalanta know they have a gem on their hands, which is why they ‘start with a request of €40m for him’.

Either way, ‘the auction is officially open’, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Scalvini in another shirt, whether it be Liverpool’s or someone else’s, next season.