Over the past few weeks, following the news that Jude Bellingham was too expensive for them, Liverpool have been linked more and more with Khéphren Thuram, who has reportedly seduced them.

The midfielder seems like a good alternative to the England international, and will be quite considerably cheaper, which suits the Reds down to a T.

However, he will still come at a price, as explained by L’Equipe on Friday, who cover what the 22-year-old’s future could look like.

Following his fourth season as a professional footballer, Thuram has developed more and more, to the point where he was called up recently by Didier Deschamps for the France national team.

That didn’t go unnoticed at Liverpool and other clubs, who have started taking an interest in his services.

Described as a ‘particularly ambitious’ person, the next step up will soon come, but it won’t be this summer if Nice have their say.

It’s stated that he’s currently valued at €60m, but they ‘do not want to hear about a transfer’ in the next window if they can avoid it.

This means it could all come down to money, which could work to Liverpool’s favour up to a certain point, but also down to Thuram himself, who may end up pushing for an exit if he’s particularly tempted by a project. 

Either way, he’s not worth the previously reported €35m, but a fair bit more.