With all of the red side of Liverpool currently excited at the thought of their club purchasing Luis Diaz from FC Porto six months earlier than the Anfield side had originally planned, there is now a strange manner in which he could arrive even sooner.

The reason for that is the Colombian’s yellow card situation with his national team, as they play Peru on Friday night before facing Argentina on February 1st, and another caution in the first game would see him suspended for the second.

Journalist Pipe Sierra brought this up on Friday morning, explaining that ‘Luis Diaz is warned: if he receives a yellow card against Peru, his trip to Liverpool will take place sooner. If not, he’ll probably do the medicals in Argentina’.

The yellow card situation is also reported on by, who explain that eight players are currently at risk of suspension, but ‘the two that generate the most concern are James Rodríguez and Luis Diaz, who seem irreplaceable in the Colombian National Team’.

This means the Colombia-Peru game might see an unexpected influx of Liverpool-based watchers, all hoping their potential new player is late in a tackle or takes his shirt off when scoring the winner.

Another update, this time about the transfer itself, comes from Pedro Sepúlveda, who reminds everyone the price is €45m + €15m in bonuses, but adds the winger ‘will be a Liverpool player until 2027’, and will have a salary of €3.5m/year ‘clean’, meaning net, at the club.

Meanwhile, Sergio Conceicao, Porto’s manager, is said to be ‘dissatisfied with the completion of business’, and who can really blame him?