On Monday afternoon, we covered a story from Globo Esporte which said Atlético Mineiro reached an agreement with Liverpool for the transfer of Allan.

It’s been claimed that the Belo Horizonte side had beaten Fluminense in the competition for the player, and would be paying €3m for the transfer.

But it seems things have changed again, because according to the very same Globo Esporte, Fluminense have accepted to pay what Liverpool request for Allan.

Even though the midfielder was expected at Belo Horizonte to sign for Atlético today, things may have a drastic change.

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It’s said Fluminense had offered €3m, to be paid in six instalments. Atlético offered the same in cash, and Liverpool obviously took the second bid.

The Reds said they would take €3.75m from Fluminense, accepting instalments for a larger offer. The Rio de Janeiro side accepted it over eight payments.

Globo Esporte says it’s all in Liverpool’s hands now, as both Atlético and Fluminense treat the situation very carefully. This is a real transfer tussle.