Among the many clubs who’ve been impressed with Luis Diaz’s recent form and are now interested in signing him, Liverpool are those whose chase has been looking stronger, as there have been several reports regarding the Reds’ wish to have him in January.

Now even though those claims normally come from the English or the Portuguese media, we get to see today a Colombian journalist confirming that the Anfield Road side have been in touch for the transfer.

Pipe Sierra reports on his Twitter that Liverpool have taken the first step and ‘have asked’ about Luis Diaz, although there’s no official offer placed for now.

The journalist claims there are other clubs interested in the player, and despite listing the full competition, the Reds are the only who he includes the information saying the bid is still to be placed.

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Sierra claims these clubs know they can ‘sit to negotiate’ with Porto for around €50m, even though the player is currently protected by an €80m release clause.

Amid the Liverpool links, recent reports from Portugal said the Dragons ‘do not rule out’ finding a deal with the Reds now for a move in the summer, as they wouldn’t like to lose him in January, as that’d spoil their season plans.

Diaz has 12 goals and two assists for Porto this season, and was Copa America’s top scorer in the summer.