For what’s felt like the best part of a decade, the Turin media have been trying to push the idea of Douglas Costa moving to Manchester United.

In every recent transfer window it’s been pushed repeatedly, and continues to be so until this day. Wednesday’s edition of Tuttosport has one of their near-daily articles on it.

Wolves have also been linked recently, with it claimed the player was offered to the club, and then that he didn’t fancy the move.

It would appear he’s now been offered to Leeds United as well, with Italian journalist Alfedo Pedulla saying agents Jorge Mendes and Giovanni Branchini are ‘dealing with the affair’ as Juventus are open to a sale.

Once again, it’s stated Costa doesn’t fancy a move to Wolves, and when it comes to Leeds, Marcelo Bielsa’s side are described as being ‘shy’ and ‘cold’ on the matter.

Given their promotion to the Premier League, and especially after a good start to life in the top flight, agents will increasingly see Leeds United as a possibility when they want to place a big name player somewhere.

This time, and perhaps wisely, the Whites haven’t taken the bait.