Despite all the reports that Florian Thuavin was set to sign for Lazio, it was never really going to be a thing until he arrived there holding a scarf. That’s because it’s been clear for a long time that what Thauvin wants to do is play for Marseille.

The French club’s difficult financial situation meant that all throughout his loan back at the club last season, it was reported that a permanent deal would be impossible. Marseille simply couldn’t afford it, and a another loan was also ruled out, because it was assumed Newcastle wouldn’t allow it.

Things change and after once again selling half their team, Marseille are in a better place financially. That means, report L’Equipe in their Tuesday transfer round-up, that Marseille can now offer a loan and an automatic purchase option of €11m.

That’s a little less than Lazio’s reported €12.5m, but the will of the player surely makes it likelier.