Pierre-Michel Lasogga to Leeds United has hit a last minute snag.

Several reports in Germany on Thursday morning reveal the deal can’t be made official because there’s a paperwork problem.

Lasogga had flown to Leeds this week, seemingly done everything to complete a transfer, and then returned to Hamburg to await the announcement.

German newspaper Bild say there’s been a breakdown in the Lasogga ‘poker’.

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According to Bild it’s Hamburg’s fault, after they sent the wrong paperwork to Leeds. Lasogga now has to return to England, perhaps earlier than he expected, to get it sorted out.

Similar is being reported by Sky Deutschland reporter Jurek Rohrberg, who this morning stated there’s a ‘breakdown’, because the paperwork wasn’t complete, and now Lasogga has to travel again.

There’s no suggestion the deal is dead, Hamburg isn’t so far away and Lasogga has plenty of time to do whatever it is he needs to do.