Former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann has accused Arsenal and Tottenham of being imposters in any proposed European Super League.

The London duo were named as part of the 12 sides set to move to the new European competition in the near future, two of the ‘top six’ in England to do so.

While the plans have been met with widespread criticism across the board, the inclusion of Arsenal and Tottenham has gained its own section of condemnation.

This is because many feel the two clubs are only being included because of their valuations and fanbases worldwide, as opposed to their sporting success in the recent or distant past.

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Several have already called out the decision to include both clubs, with the belief that they are not good enough to justify their place.

Indeed, many believe their inclusion makes a mockery of the whole idea, and Hamann agrees with that notion.

“That’s right, and Arsenal will also be added,” Sport 24 report him saying about the Gunners and Tottenham’s inclusion.

“I don’t know when Arsenal was last in the Champions League; that was a while ago. It’s just grotesque, and nobody understands it anymore.

“I have read a tweet from a journalist who said the last good thing he saw at Arsenal was Coldplay, and that was five years ago. I think that sums it up pretty well.

“These clubs want to be in a league pick up where they just don’t belong. These twelve get together and try to cook their own soup. That can’t prevail.