After being one of the most unexpected names in Brazil’s squad for the World Cup, Arsenal star Gabriel Martinelli today had an interview with ESPN Brasil.

The forward had just arrived from the Gunners’ training session, and was live at his home with journalist João Castelo-Branco to talk about being in Tite’s list for the tournament in Qatar.

In the past few days, there’s been some criticism regarding the choice for Martinelli. A big reason for it is that he only played for a small club in Brazil, and since he joined Arsenal very young, he isn’t very well-known in his home country.

The player, however, claimed to be fine with that, saying he’s ready to help Brazil in the World Cup.

“I think this is normal. Some people in Brazil don’t know me, and it’s also normal to say that other players deserved to be there. But I’m pretty cool about it. I think this is normal,” Gabriel Martinelli told ESPN Brasil.

“I know what I’m doing at my club, I know my ability and I know what I can do. And you can be sure that I will do my best for the Brazilian team, in whatever I can help the team I will help. It will be a great experience for me.”

Martinelli was also asked about the congratulations he received from Arsenal’s squad regarding the call-up, and pointed out there are many teammates happy for the same achievement.

“Everyone was very happy for us to be in the World Cup. It’s good for Arsenal too, to have players in the World Cup. And everyone was very happy, we are a very united team.

“Today there was also the call-up of Bukayo, Aaron, Ben, so we are happy for each other. We know that we are at the top of the Premier League, but this is just the beginning, and that we still have a lot of work to do.”

The player was then quizzed about having more Arsenal fans wearing shirts with his name this season, and thanked them for the support.

“I think this season the number of fans with my shirt has grown a lot. But they have always supported me since I arrived. And I am very happy to see many people, men, women, children with my shirt. So I feel very proud to be able to repay some of what they do for me off the pitch. And that’s what I always try to do.”